20×20^ V/A

^The inherent notion was always to create something collectively material outside of space and time within the isolating immaterial confines of space and time.

Point(s) of process:

Other than multiple/dual submissions, the sequence track-list is presented in chronological order as received. I don’t think I could have curated it in a more interesting and organic manner.

As per COVID19, I live with an immune compromised individual and have maintained since initial quarantine in March a very healthy regime. I can’t give any substantial ‘warranty’ but have given care to sanitation as consistent with my personal standards.

Other than format conversions where necessary, all tracks’ audio is presented ‘as is.’ Which is to say, as I received it. Also, each artist’s featured web link can be found in their respective track description. All tracks belong to the artists and are herein published with ‘Attribution.’


Thank you to everyone who has helped make this a reality!

*Manufacturing/production credit, packaging title: ‘& Golden-Vom Sun Shone…’

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