xlxshith3eds’ 3rd wave Sith

Rarely attack unless provoked; counter-attack with relentless incisory swiftness…

I tried to like Twitch ^ – the theory was to show an IRL version of my self and sourroundings within a creative context of battle strike training. Unfortunately, technical difficulties… whateves 🙂

Here is also a soundtrack for trainings to :

Xlxshith3eds’ sndtrk°

xlxshith3eds’ ‘sith’ nothes:
the legend of the sith is shrouded; occult other than as slandered by the jedi order. 
alas, a left-handed path! one of individual self-reliance and determination as opposed tosystematic ‘order’ and regimented collectivism.  
yet, we do know there are always 2!  

xlxshith3eds’ 3-fold path
diversion n deception – smoke/mirror, misdirection and ambush
secret weapon – always have a secondary and hidden attack
aggression – DO NOT attack unless provoked; however, counter-attack mercilessly and incisory.   

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