0m ‘n on & Black Horizon . . .

Club [AnX] zzz recently renamed\unbranded to ‘0mnon’ – an alteration indicitive of a shift in elemental time-space reality orientation. Whereas AnX denoted a place , an allusory suggestion of espacement , perhaps too, an dreamy state of mind; 0m ‘n on expresses perpetual movement, as in “on and on …”‘^°

0mnon ^°

Once in a while, i have taken to making p t s d self check-ins.. what i mean is , i pause and calculate the “Present Time Space and Dimension° . this is necessary as an interdimensional tourist.

#10YearsofFH today,, Qi Rae Mau – spun in morning sunshine leaves… upon the question posed, ‘What does Horizon mean to you?” the pressing sense to reiterate ‘0mnon as my answer and make the opportunity to get quasi theoretical a la space-time theory…

Because if one considers time stoppage at the speed of light, and following the accepted notion that a blackhole will absorb even light – significance herein is emphasized – such that we may understand that in their existense black holes maintain a power more forceful than Time. Lightspeed and matter mingle in there. and from this source, the black hole, we can generally navigate relative elementals: time, space dimension…

Forza, i have played 10 years history in one. and the transformational nature of the journey is beyond my scope of ability in words and effort at this current point. Nevertheless, my expression of graciousness and concept roleplay current motif ( Barrellrolly Clause ) is best shown:

Eventlab Community Challenge^° ‘

Black horizon ^° as in, from within a black hole all surroundings may be dark but to move through the ether and emerge (of creative will) forth, this feat in the least exemplifies a force applied which could break the speed of light as well as the gravity of event horizon! and there we have Omnon.

My eyes – as my creative hubs (FH5, FH4 respectively) – have toured the cybernetic landscaped continets and decade… here are my my black hole iris:

present-past\n presently

on ‘n on!^°


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