xlxshith3eds’ 3rd wave Sith

Rarely attack unless provoked; counter-attack with relentless incisory swiftness… I tried to like Twitch ^ – the theory was to show an IRL version of my self and sourroundings within a creative context of battle strike training. Unfortunately, technical difficulties… whateves 🙂 Here is also a soundtrack for trainings to : Xlxshith3eds’ sndtrk° xlxshith3eds’ ‘sith’Continue reading “xlxshith3eds’ 3rd wave Sith”

pow (: _a redu)

this reduction. to minimalistic electric organ in the early morning darkness and self… ‘pow’ as an imagined media road show with live projection and music as featured in this little montage. the entire process within 3 hours. slop. idk, but have a nice day ppl 🙂 also, here is the exclusive free mp3 audio –Continue reading “pow (: _a redu)”

Bleaeck :: Dilaudnumb (re:2018)

Perhaps the Kalteldur review was right, that would have been a fine point to stop. The dose stands but we did continue on later that year to release a full length feature ‘Dilaudnumb’ #Bleaeck album. Spring of 2018 heralded below embedded release: When I recorded ‘Djunk Gmork Lair….’ it was the most purely resonant IContinue reading “Bleaeck :: Dilaudnumb (re:2018)”

a wintry diary

pod I An nearly hour-long music & noise mix featuring couples of tracks from CAANK, Hïdrō Recordingsº’ past [Into the Permafrost, Gloominess], the present [acoustic bedtime sketches], and future [from the 02.26.2021 release, ‘Duo, Ftr Aloysuis’] along with a few favorite jams [Wildildlife, Bug v Hawtin, Sleigh Bells, Gang Starr, Space Ghost Coast to Coast…]:Continue reading “a wintry diary”

by monthly recsº 2021

As the year continues, we find a way to meander on. The acoustic 4-stringed ‘Kimberly’ has been summoned for the recent recordings – bedroom acoustic stuff. The first two tracks of/for 2021 are predated by a similar track dedicated to Mexico (to be released in April via Camembert Électrique) and the pair released previousy (JanContinue reading “by monthly recsº 2021”