xlxshith3eds’ 3rd wave Sith

Rarely attack unless provoked; counter-attack with relentless incisory swiftness… I tried to like Twitch ^ – the theory was to show an IRL version of my self and sourroundings within a creative context of battle strike training. Unfortunately, technical difficulties… whateves 🙂 Here is also a soundtrack for trainings to : Xlxshith3eds’ sndtrk° xlxshith3eds’ ‘sith’Continue reading “xlxshith3eds’ 3rd wave Sith”


20×20^ V/A ^The inherent notion was always to create something collectively material outside of space and time within the isolating immaterial confines of space and time. Point(s) of process: Other than multiple/dual submissions, the sequence track-list is presented in chronological order as received. I don’t think I could have curated it in a more interestingContinue reading “20×20^”