xlxshith3eds’ 3rd wave Sith

Rarely attack unless provoked; counter-attack with relentless incisory swiftness… I tried to like Twitch ^ – the theory was to show an IRL version of my self and sourroundings within a creative context of battle strike training. Unfortunately, technical difficulties… whateves 🙂 Here is also a soundtrack for trainings to : Xlxshith3eds’ sndtrk° xlxshith3eds’ ‘sith’Continue reading “xlxshith3eds’ 3rd wave Sith”

pow (: _a redu)

this reduction. to minimalistic electric organ in the early morning darkness and self… ‘pow’ as an imagined media road show with live projection and music as featured in this little montage. the entire process within 3 hours. slop. idk, but have a nice day ppl 🙂 also, here is the exclusive free mp3 audio –Continue reading “pow (: _a redu)”